About us

Welcome to Band Geeks Online!
We extend to all our fellow band geeks a warm welcome. I was proud to be a member of the Royal Hawaiian Band for  33 years (now retired) and love to talk, chat, and share ideas about band music. Basically, I’m just a band geek like most of you.
It is our mission at BandGeeksOnLine.com to encourage the exchanged of ideas, to share links, and just chat in general about any and all concert band topics. We are especially interested in YOUR band, be it a community band, military band or school band. Let’s hear from you. No music topic is off limits. Get in touch with your inner geek and contribute, ask questions and share with your fellow band persons.
I have a received quite a few e-mails from community bands wishing to be listed on our “Community Bands” page. If you don’t see your band listed, please let us know. Our list is continually growing. We would be most happy to add YOUR band along with a link to your website. Above all join our mail list so we can all stay in touch. The best way to do this is to check out our blog or simply send me an e-mail:
We also have a page for military bands. I grew up in Annapolis, Maryland and some of my earlier teachers were members of the United States Naval Academy Band as well as The Navy Band in Washington, D.C.. What an inspiration they were. In high school my idea of a fun date was to take my girl friend to the Friday night Naval Academy Band concerts. Told you I was a GEEK! Seriously, I have abiding respect for the many fine military bands of our nation. If you play in or know of a military band that should be listed, please let us know.
We have a “Composers” page as well. I have my own personal favorites (Sousa, King, Fillmore, Leroy Anderson). I like to talk about them and track down recordings of their music. Let us know who your favorites are and if there are any recordings you are trying to find. I own a vinyl recording of the first Eastman Wind Ensemble (Frederick Fennell) recording entitled simply “Marches.” I have had several people tell me they would love to find such a recording. Several of the marches on that first record have NOT been re-released on CD. Go figure!
Speaking of CD’s, I know the new trend is downloading MP3’s as opposed to buying discs. It has changed they way we purchase music, but I have to tell you something: reading the liner notes from albums and CD’s played a huge role in my learning about band music and band composers. The artwork alone on some of the albums is worth the price. We have a link to the Amazon.com store where CD’s are still available. Go for the CD’s!
I have my own modest store on this site that will sell my own band arrangements and compositions in PDF form. Currently I  have three of my arrangements up there. I wrote an “Olde English Christmas Suite” several years ago. The Royal Hawaiian Band premiered all 3 movements that are now for sale.  You can listen to  midi recordings of the arrangements and purchase the score and all the parts in PDF form. Then YOU do the printing. This saves a huge expense in time and money thus lowering the price. Printed band arrangements can cost upward to $75. We are able to sell ours at a fraction of that price. Have a look and a listen.
I’m proud to say the Karl L. King Municipal Band in Ft. Dodge, Iowa plays my “Irish Boys” march at their St. Patrick’s Day concerts.  I salute this fine band and am grateful for their interest in my music. I shall have “Irish Boys” available in PDF form soon.
Let us hear from you and on behalf of Band Geeks everywhere, WELCOME!