Think of music for the concert or marching band and you immediately think of John Phillip Sousa, Henry Fillmore or Karl L. King. How many of us have cut our musical teeth on the march music of these fine composers.  when we were in high school band, or even in middle school?

But think of the hundreds and thousands of other composers who did band music so well.  There are also a number of composer who wrote originally for orchestra, yet their works transcribed quite nicely for the concert band: Leroy Anderson for example or Eric Coates.

That being said, I have compiled a list (in no special order) of composers who have written for the concert band or whose music has been transcribed for band and has become part of the repertoire.  I have provided a link for each composer. But we band geeks are good at Googling, so search and explore. Learn more about your favorite band composer. If you have a favorite composer not listed here, let me know and we’ll add it to the list.

Happy listening and Happy Googling!

John Philip Sousa

Henry Fillmore

Karl L. King

Leroy Anderson


Percy Grainger

Ralph Vaughan Williams

Morton Gould

Edwin Franko Goldman

Eric Coates

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